Saturday, December 30, 2017

Year end 2017


Its been a long time really how I really miss blogging. A lot of things happen since my last post on 2015. To sum it up I got married, got pregnant and now I have a very mischievous but lovely and sweet two year old boy. I know right terrible two's. Amazing I'm still up on my feet. My little family is what's keeping me busy right now and a little garden as well to keep me sane.

Gardening is actually a revelation for me this 2017. I thought I wouldn't really like it because I hate all kinds  of insect and bugs... as in ALL KINDS! Hate is such a strong word, maybe I'm afraid of it every time I see one I feel like they're crawling on my skin and makes me itchy especially spiders. Don't get me started with spiders. Just thinking about it. Oh no! Back to gardening...apparently it has a therapeutic effect on me. It makes me feel productive and accomplished. Seeing them grow from little seeds, they're my little babies. I talk to them a lot! Apparently it is working. They are giving me the veggies and herbs that I needed. LOL.

Another thing that I learn to love is baking and cooking. I LOVE FOOD!!! I don't go out to try different restaurant as much as I do when I was in Philippines. It's just that I don't find it practical anymore because I can do it myself and the ingredients are readily available so I taught myself how to cook.

What to expect on 2018:
 - Lots of food post, recipes that I tried, failures in the kitchen, tips and tricks
 - Garden update so I know if I am learning something or not
 - just random stuff cause I feel like I need to speak my mind cause I need someone to talk to really... not just my plants.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mona Vale Garden

I'm alive. Yes I am still alive! Its been a long time since you've heard from me. And I assure you guys, I MISS YOU ALL! Today I have a treat for you, let me bring you to a place where you can see me most of the time. Probably reading a book or just staring on a blank canvas feeling the wind and getting one with nature. 

It's a place called MONA VALE GARDEN located in Fendalton Rd, Riccarton. It is a very good place to unwind and walk and enjoy the beautiful garden beside the river. 

"Mona Vale Garden is an historic Victorian Homestead surrounded by gardens that feature English and European trees, herbaceous perennials and beds of annuals. Frederick and Alice Waymouth commissioned the buildings in 1899 and were responsible for much of the planting seen today. When Annie Quayle Townend became the second owner, she was responsible for the addition of the fernery along with further expansions. In 1960s the property passed into city ownership and continues to be managed by the city council, with help from volunteers and enthusiast."
Let me share with you some of the photos I've taken and let the photos speaks for itself. Enjoy!

 For more information click here

Till we meet again! Ciao!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Akaroa Harbour

Hi there peeps! How have you been? A month has passed since I last wrote something. I'm still getting acquainted with my new environment here in Christchurch. I'm still not used to the cold weather it'll probably take time but I'll get there.

What I love about Christchurch, New Zealand?
  • Ironically, the weather (even if it's too cold) the thing is I haven't had any allergy attacks since I left Manila. The fresh air  makes breathing easier it's a big YES for me. I don't have to worry about my eyes being swollen and itchy, my nose being runny all the time. 
  • The gardens/park. Christchurch is a Garden City for a reason. It is a very beautiful place to see, relax and have fun. And by fun means reading a book in a quiet corner or just laying on the grass, enjoying the breeze under the sun. No one will mind. (that's the bookworm in me talking) 
  • The people. They are generally friendly and accommodating. 
  • The Sunday Market. I love the bargains.
  • The view of the mountains, river and the nature itself. It's like a 360 degrees outstanding paradise. It's like I walk right into a book, a fariytale. The trees, the flowers, the water is in perfect synchrony. 
Those are the few things that I love about being here I've been here for a month I still have a lot to explore and know more about this beautiful place.

...And I love the weekends... weekends are for traveling and exploring places such as these...
Breathtaking view of Akaroa Harbour
These pictures are taken at the Hill top. I just fell in love with the place. I totally cried. My dad would have loved it here. I'm so thankful I get to experience such beauty. God is really amazing, fantastic, marvelous. He is incomparable! I'm really great full for such awesomeness. 

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